Gina Spann

GINA SPANN – CPT Phlebotomy Instructor

Hello: I am Gina Spann a nationally certified phlebotomist with 10+ years of experience. I started my phlebotomy career as an emergency department (ED) laboratory technician and have worked in various capacities including mobile phlebotomist for day to day routine draws, laboratory procedure and collection, blood draw for emergency situations, blood collection for criminal cases such as blood alcohol levels. If a phlebotomist is not properly trained or meticulous a minor mistake could mean evidence in a trial is dismissed because of a technicality. 
I also worked in a cardiology office as a medical assistant, an experience that required me to use my phlebotomy skills in new capacities. I have clinical laboratory experience as a STAT Runner - a position that requires exceptional skills. The duty of a STAT Runner is to draw the specimens that other phlebotomist were unable to draw.
Every role in the medical field is important and each one is needed to provide extraordinary care. I pride myself in being able to take my skills, experience, and knowledge to help train students to become phlebotomists so they too can contribute to the ever growing field of medicine and quality patient care.
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